What is Mini Computers

What is Mini Computers ?

Hello Dear Readers,

In this  post we will read about the Mini Computers, its types, its advantage, disadvantage, and applications of these computers.

Mini Computer :

These are designed to support more than one user at a time . These are smaller is size. faster, cost lower than mainframe computer. These are mostly used in LAN’s (Local Area Network)

In the early stage these computers was designed to carry out some specific tasks like in engineering and CAD (Computer Aided Designed) calculation. But Now a days these are used as central computer which is known as “Server”. It is made of large computers with large storage capacity and operates at a higher speed. These ware developed in the mid of 1960s.

Types of Minicomputers : 

  1. Tablet PC
  2. Smartphones
  3. IPAD
  4. Desktop PC Mini Computers

Application of Mini Computer : 

Mini Computers are used in an organization for basic tasks such as :-

  1. Billing
  2. accounting
  3. Inventory management System

Advantages : 

Following are some advantages of using minicomputer:

  1. These are easy to maintain and use.
  2. Smaller in size so that they can be placed anywhere.
  3. These are portable and Easy to carry.
  4. Speed of these computers are fast.
  5. These are reliable in nature.

Disadvantages : 

  1. Can be Slow in speed.
  2. Difficult to upgrade.
  3. System Failure ( if Server is failed whole system has been failed)